Welcome to the Marblous Athens

Just a 3-minute walk from the most central square of Greece, Syntagma square, lies The Marblous Hotel enveloping the true essence of the city of Athens. Housed in a fully renovated building dating back to 1938, The Marblous Hotel (deriving from Marble + Marvelous) holds the soul of the mid-war period of the town while looking towards the future.
The perfect spot to enjoy a weekend getaway or the perfect start to your island-hopping adventure whether you are a solo female traveler, a couple or a family.
Girls, women and all others who want to celebrate their feminity have all played a vital role in the creation of our hotel. As true beauty stems from within, we have created an atmosphere that it will not only help you relax and think beautifully but it will also inspire you to pamper yourself. Or, if there is something extra you might need, we got you covered!